Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mount Stromlo, Canberra — Yesterday in Capital Punishment, the Canberra 50km and 100km mountain bike race, Andy Blair won in the 100km distance in 3:30:25 ahead of Dylan Cooper and Shaun Lewis, last year’s winner. In the women’s event, Jenny Fay won in a time of 4:01:53 ahead of Michelle Ainsworth.

Competitors start at Sparrow Hill east of Canberra, and ride through Canberra the Black Mountain Reserve and the National Arboretum, ending at Stromlo Forest Park.

Cyclists cross the road at an untimed section of the course Image: Hawkeye7.
Finish line on the criterium at Stromlo Forest Park Image: Hawkeye7.

There were a variety of cyclists of different skill levels including former Australian national team members, but casual cyclists were very much in evidence. Some 1,662 cyclists competed, of whom 1,389 finished.

Beer awaits at the finish line at Stromlo Forest Park Image: Hawkeye7.
Finishing area at the Criterium at Stromlo Forest Park Image: Hawkeye7.
An injured cyclist who went over the handle bars Image: Hawkeye7.

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